There are two ways to build an online library using Turning the Pages – license the content management system or ask us to build bespoke books.

Bespoke Books

Often the easiest way to get up and running is to ask us to build the books for you. Fill in some documentation, send us the images and we’ll do the rest, whether you want the book for gallery, online or both. We can add interpretative text, audio and video if you want, or develop completely custom features. Costs depend on the length of the book and any custom-coding, guideline costs for a 25 page hosted online version starts from £1,245 and kiosk solutions from £1,495. Contact us for a detailed estimate for your project.

The Content Management System

The Turning the Pages CMS has been designed to be as simple to use as possible. You don’t need any technical skills to create a whole library of books and single-sheet items. The CMS generates kiosk versions for your gallery and online versions for the web. Licensing the content management system costs £4,995 as a one-time cost. Support and maintenance contracts are also available to give you help when most needed, plus access to any updates we make. Optionally, you can also ask us to host your Turning the Pages library from £50/month. Alternatively you can host it yourself and we’ll help you get everything up and running.

See the content management system in action here.

Young girl using Turning the Pages to zoom in on part of a page

Contact Us
To find out more about Turning the Pages, or for an estimate for your next project email us. or call us on:
+ 44 (0)207 043 1057

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