Turning the Pages™ (TTP) was originally conceived in 1996 and Armadillo Systems have been developing the software since 2001, helping libraries, museums and galleries around the world provide access to their collections. The earliest books were at the British Library.

Our aim has always been to produce the most compelling solution for providing access and interpretation for rare books, manuscripts and single sheet items (such as maps or charters). In 2006 we worked with Microsoft to develop TTP 2.0 which produced incredibly realistic three-dimensional books, including the ability of gilding to catch the light as the pages turn and to mimic both paper and vellum books.

This technology still forms the basis of the kiosk version, but in 2013 we launched TTP 3.0, a complete re-code for the online version, taking advantage of HTML5 to provide access to books on all browsers and devices.

In 2015 TTP online was updated to incorporate DeepZoom technology, providing a whole new level of detail available across the web.

In 2017 Armadillo was honoured to produce the digital version of the Saint John’s Bible in stunning 4K Ultra High Definition, also featuring our newly designed user interface. Find out more on our TTP 4K page.

In 2021 a version of TTP was introduced which featured a touchless user interface, allowing the user to turn the pages without the need for a physical interaction, such as a mouse or touchscreen.

At the end of 2022 International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) support was added to TTP. This allows the instant viewing of book objects from IIIF manifests in TTP Online and TTP Gallery.

Turning the Pages has won many national and international awards including:

  • Commended and winner of the Technical Achievement Award for adult and lifelong learning, the 2005 Learning on Screen Awards.
  • Winner of the Yahoo Find of the Year, Innovation category, overall runner-up
  • Winner of the International Information Industry Awards, Best User Experience
  • Winner of BIMA (British Interactive Multimedia Award)
  • Awarded Millenium Product Status
  • National Heritage/NP Museum of the Year Multimedia Award
  • British Computer Society, Best Web Technology

It is equally popular with gallery and web visitors, with comments including:

“Absolutely magnificent! This really shows what the internet should be used for.” 

“The Andreas Vesalius section is awe inspiring… now I don’t feel so bad about all the taxes I paid over the years.”

“Wonderful! Just started my day in Tasmania by looking at your site having heard about it on the BBC World Service. Marvellous to be able to access these treasures from remote parts of the world.”

“The “turn the pages…” made me cry for joy.” 

“Treasures digitisation is just wonderful. Congratulations – and keep going on more content!” 

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your digitising project!! It is the most amazing experience to “page through” such famous books.”